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“To work we have the right, but not to the fruits of it thereof”

Winning Indian Team
Image: BCCI

When Rishabh Pant hit the winning runs to secure the win, I was absolutely thrilled and was feeling the dopamine rush as if I was part of the win. Having followed the Indian cricket from the 2000s, I feel that this victory is one for the ages. I watched all of this Border-Gavaskar test series closely, and left with a lot of learnings as I would have when reading a book. …

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After getting his son, Devavrata back from his mother Ganges, King Shantanu returned to the kingdom. The people of Hastinapur gave a wonderful reception for Devavrata. They were overjoyed to see him and admired his archery skills, the way he carried about himself, the clarity of thoughts he had.

Shantanu also loved him dearly. He had big plans for him. He wanted Devavrata to become his heir to the throne and rule the kingdom with great integrity.

Generally when you have a lot of things in your head, you don’t involve things that give you pleasure. During the ten years…

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In the previous article, we read about how Sarpa Satra yagna was halted and the discourse of Mahabharata was started by Vaisampayana. In this article, we will look into the Kuru Dynasty and their brief history.

The first chapter of the Mahabharata is the Adi Parva. It is one of the largest parvas out of the 18 parvas along with Shanti Parva. It has 19 Sub Parvas and 225 Chapters.

Each and every story of the king who ruled the Kuru dynasty is enriched with values of wisdom, discipline, mindset, valor, honesty. To write about each one of the kings…

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Last year during the lockdown, I had the opportunity to listen to the entire Mahabharata discourse, all 18 parvas (aka chapters) by Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal. I have always felt a connection to the characters in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

I believe that the connection for these characters stems from my upbringing and the environment in which I grew up during my formative years. Although I knew the Mahabharata story through my mother.

This time around it felt different when I was listening, I felt there is a lot to take from it, than it being just the story of…

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After watching the above timelapse video. I wanted to share three perspectives : First, Whenever you are faced with a tough situation, challenge or problem,Think how you are going to win from that situation without having your strategy muddled by seven deadly sins”. Second, the consumption of information directly or indirectly has a say in our life, So,Whenever you consume information from any source, Think for a moment about the context, agenda and purpose behind why it has been created”. Third, “What you do today, will determine your future”.

Mask up, Protect yourself, Protect others, Stay Home.

Let me know, if anyone needs any help, I will try to help within my abilities and the resources.

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Stay safe.

A wonderful portrait of CWC Season 2

I don’t remember a phase in my life where I had an opinion about TV Reality shows and cared so much about what happened on the show. If I turn on the TV, It would be either Star sports or Ten sports etc. I would even watch the highlights of a cricket match for the 1000th time than sit and watch a TV reality show. I didn’t feel the connection but a show named Cook with Comali completely changed the scenario. I started to wait for the weekends to let my guard down, with no judgements, no preconceived notions, no…

It’s that time of the year where we tend to look back as to what has happened in the last twelve months and look forward to the new enthralling experiences that await us. As you recall the events, you realize that it’s also the end of the 2010's decade and you have grown from a young boy to a man. In the following paragraphs, I would like to share with you my learning’s over the last 10 years and hope this article makes you think. I am not going in any particular order, just going with my flow of thoughts.

As you read this article, I think most of you would not have come into terms with the reality that the mighty Indian Juggernaut have been sent packing from the world cup. I think every Indian fan would have wished for a time machine to roll back the events of what happened in Old Trafford, Manchester. I would like to share with you a few things which struck me when thinking about yesterday’s match and the whole world cup campaign and hope that these insights make you think as well.

Coming into the match as underdogs and more specifically on…


Champions are not born overnight. Hard work, dedication, self belief and an unwavering commitment to hard work makes them the champion we end up seeing. But there is one other quality to them, I have noticed that the genuine champions carry people along on the path to success. In a sense, they protect the others in the team and take them to heights that they themselves may not believe in. One such champion is Sourav Ganguly.

Right from his early days in international cricket, that was what defined him, his uncanny ability to make the naysayers look stupid. Nobody did…

Srivenkata Krishnan

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